1:GOEHNER’S Paint Sprayer – High Power HVLP
Electric Spray Gun with Jam-Free Metal Core, High
Speed Response Motor, Detachable Paint Gun for
House Painting, Home Interior and Exterior, Cabinet

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The Goehner’s paint sprayer features a metal core design which is more durable than the plastic ones. And the paint gun is equipped with a top-mounted and new generation enclosed motor to prevent paints from flowing backward. Thus, it ensures to a great extent the consistency of spraying and protects the longevity of the motor.
What’s more, the electric paint sprayer pushes out 600 watts of power which is
enough to deliver thick layers of paint on any type of surface ranging from walls
and ceilings to furniture.

2:Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt Stainless
Steel 304 Keypad Mechanical Digital
Combination Double Security (Pass Code Or

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This door lock fulfills all your requirement like easy to install, easy to use, and very cost-effective. This lock is of high quality with high security and can be used with both keys and keyless. Setting up the codes is very easy and a kid can do that.

 Higher security
 100% Mechanical (no risk of low battery).
 Design for DIY installation
 Works with both left/right handed and inward/outward opening doors

3:Bravex Foam Cannon, Premium Snow Foam
Lance with 1/4″ Quick Connector, Adjustable
Car Wash Foam Blaster and Wide Neck Foam
Sprayer for Pressure Washer (1.1mm Metal
Orifice, 5 Nozzles Tips)

Bravex car wash foam gun for pressure washer use is the perfect choice
for professional car wash shops or car enthusiasts.

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Bravex premium foam cannon are designed to deliver maximum suds to ensure your car gets squeaky clean. Adjustable foam cannon can rotate 360°. Suitable for most 1/4 connector pressure washer, can be widely used on not only car but motorcycles, windows, driveways, roofs, ground, floors, wall, and siding or watering flowers and plants.
Utilizing the newest air injection technology, the Foam Blaster makes soft and fluffy thick snowy foams that give you a simple and fun cleaning experience.

 1/4″ quick connection plug
 Brass core nozzle for durability and tightness
 Required Pressure: 750 PSI – 4000 PSI
 Required Flow: 2.0 GPM – 5.3 GPM
 Bottle Capacity: 1L / 0.26 Gallon

4:Contour Gauge – Bravex Profile Tool with
Locking 10 Inch Tracing Duplicator Precisely
Copies Irregular Shapes Measuring Tool for
Woodworking and DIY Handyman, Corners

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The Bravex contour gauge profile tool works well in copying the shape of any irregular objects and replicate accurately the shape of engineering molding.
Our new upgraded locked profile gauge solves the annoying problem of slipping pins. Our improves lock design holds pins in place more firmly than other gauges. Once locked, our high quality metal lock locks shape more securely.

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