Great Gift Idea! Best Percussive Massage Gun under $100

Physical therapy is becoming a part of daily life for more and more individuals as exercise rates increase and the technology used to support athletes improves.

Mobile physiotherapy technology is the latest part of this growing trend and countless exercise enthusiasts are incorporating massage guns into their exercise recovery routine.

Research  has demonstrated that by using a massage gun for just five minutes, both professional and amateur athletes helped effectively reduce the impacts of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

This is precisely why, using over sixty years of combined experience, physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have created the newest innovation in mobile massage gun technology.

Great Gift Idea! Best Percussive Massage Gun under $100

The  Bob and Brad C2 massage Gun  uses the industry’s most advanced technological innovations to provide a lightweight, ergonomic, and practical massage gun that effectively promotes muscular recovery.

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun  has received over 5000 five-star reviews online and has been hailed by experts for its super lightweight design and noise reduction technology.

The C2 massage Gun is the flagship model of the Bob and Brad family and is intentionally constructed with features that encourage targeted percussion therapy by using intensive vibrations to promote healthy blood flow to an injury site or area where the muscles have been strained.

Despite its lightweight design, the C2 massage gun is highly effective at dispensing high-intensity vibrations through its gentle yet powerful pressure system.

Users can benefit from five different types of head attachment as well as five unique speed modes, allowing targeted relief no matter the level of strain or injury.

Great Gift Idea! Best Percussive Massage Gun under $100

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun  is also the perfect tool for any athlete on the go, as its lightweight frame and portable briefcase-style carrier make it effortless to take this physiotherapy device anywhere.

However, the defining feature of the compact  Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun  that sets it above others on the market is its decisive muscle targeting, with a massage setting that reaches 2000-3200 RPMs and exerts up to 35lbs of force on the muscles.

Compared to other bulkier massage guns available, which only exert anywhere from 30-40lbs of force and have a lower rotation rate of 1750 to 3180 RPMs, it is clear that the C2 massage gun is by far the more effective model.

Despite the  Bob and Brad C2 massage gun  having such a robust setup, it is specifically designed to be quieter than other massage guns by using noise reduction technology, giving off just 55 decibels when used rather than the normal 60-70db.

The low level of decibel production helps make the  Bob and Brad C2 massage gun  the perfect physio tool, no matter the time or place, allowing you to recover in peace.

All of these impressive features are available to countless athletes thanks to the C2 massage gun’s low-price tag, available for under $100 as part of Bob and Brad’s mission to make physical recovery available to all.

Overall, the  Bob and Brad C2 massage gun  is perfect for any athlete looking for an effective, practical, and portable physiotherapy device that encourages muscular recovery, with a design focused on helping you achieve the best results possible.